As the Design Lead for DigiOrange Inc., a prominent US e-commerce company, I spearheaded the creation of product listing page visuals for the Artix CL750 Headphones on Amazon, the company's top-selling product. This project involved designing a series of engaging product modules (banners) that function as immersive product webpages, applying web design principles to enhance user experience and drive conversions.
My role encompassed extensive research on the product and competitors to inform the design strategy. I collaborated with a team comprising a 3D designer and a retoucher, providing art direction and ensuring cohesive visual storytelling. My responsibilities ranged from concept development to execution, including graphic design, copywriting, and UI design.
Additionally, I managed the art direction process for the creation of 3D assets, which included a video showcasing the headphones in 3D and an immersive 360-degree asset that allows users to view the headphones from any angle. The 360-degree interactive image had to meet specific technical and stylistic requirements set by Amazon, ensuring a seamless integration with the platform.
The visual content was meticulously crafted to highlight key features such as premium noise isolation, ergonomic design, and superior sound quality. Each module was designed to cater to diverse demographics, showcasing the product's versatility for kids, teens, and adults. The modules emphasized unique selling points like no Bluetooth radiation, tangle-free wires, and foldable headbands for easy portability.
The primary challenge was to create a visually compelling and informative product page that stands out in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape. It was crucial to ensure that the visuals were aesthetically pleasing and effectively communicated the product's features and benefits.
By leveraging a combination of high-quality 3D illustrations, engaging infographics, and strategic content placement, we created a dynamic and user-friendly product page. The design was iterated based on feedback and performance metrics, ensuring it met the highest standards of quality and effectiveness. The 3D video and 360-degree interactive asset added an extra layer of engagement, allowing potential customers to experience the product in a more immersive way.
The redesigned product listing significantly improved customer engagement, increasing conversion and click-through rates. Specifically, the conversion rate (CR) increased by an impressive 4.7%, a remarkable achievement. Additionally, the click-through rate (CTR) increased by over 15%. The success of this project was measured through KPIs such as increased sales, positive customer feedback, and enhanced brand perception. The inclusion of advanced 3D assets further differentiated the product, contributing to its strong market performance and customer appeal.
Art Direction, Design, RESEARCH, Analysis, product approach
Brand Identity, E-commerce Platforms, Photographs, UI Design, UX Designs, Websites, 3D, 3D VIDEO
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e-commerce, tech