As the PROJECT LEAD, Art Director, and STORYBOARD BUILDER for KlearNow's KlearHub and Data Engine 2D Animation Commercial Reels, I oversaw the entire project from concept to completion within a tight three-week timeframe. This project aimed to create engaging 2D animated commercials that effectively communicated the complexities of customs clearance and supply chain logistics visually appealingly.
Project Roles:
PROJECT LEAD, Art Director, Designer

1. Client Negotiation: I engaged with the client to understand their vision and requirements for the commercials, ensuring alignment with their brand identity and messaging.
2. Script Analysis: I meticulously analyzed the script to identify critical elements that needed to be visually represented.
3. Storyboard Creation: I created detailed storyboards that mapped out the animation sequence, ensuring a coherent flow and compelling storytelling.

4. Illustration Development: I developed the illustration style, adapting it to fit the brand identity. This included working on the illustrations and guiding the visual direction.
5. Team Collaboration: I sourced and hired a skilled 2D character animator, provided him with a comprehensive brief, and supervised the animation process to ensure the final output met our quality standards.
6. Voiceover Coordination: I found the voiceover artist, prepared the voiceover script, and coordinated the recording process to ensure it perfectly complemented the visual elements.

The main challenge was to complete the project within a very tight three-week deadline. Coordinating between different team members and ensuring a seamless workflow were critical to our success.
Through efficient project management and clear communication, we could streamline the process and meet the deadline without compromising on quality. Using detailed storyboards and continuous feedback loops ensured the animations aligned perfectly with the client’s expectations.
The final 2D animation commercials were successful, receiving positive feedback from the client for ITS clarity, visual appeal, and effectiveness in conveying the intended message. This project showcased our ability to deliver high-quality work within stringent timelines, further solidifying our reputation for excellence in the B2B tech sector.

2D, Art Direction, Design, Digital
2D Animations, Advertising, Branded Content, Character Animations, Character Designs, Illustrations, Infographics, Interactive Installations, Short Stories, Storyboards, Visual Designs
Project Industries: 
B2B, Technology